Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sale Started and Freebie!!!

Hello all!! My sale has officially started at Digital Candy. All the details are in the post below - but one part of the sale is that you get a Quick Page kit (with 8 Quick Pages in it) with any purchase of my products in April - and now - you can get an extra quick page to add to that collection that is only available here at my blog!!!
Click here to go to My Shoppe At Digital Candy

Download HERE

Special thanks to Barb of my Creative Team for making this beautiful quick page!!
Enjoy and happy shopping!!!

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Busy weekend painting!!

Hi everyone!! I hope you all have been well. Things are going pretty good here. This weekend we have been painting my Son's room. We painted my daughter's room last weekend and their new furniture it supposed to be delivered on Tuesday -at least part of it - hehe!! They are both sooo excited!! I'm just worn out from preparing - lol. I got more paint on me than I think I did the walls, but it's all done and boy will I be sore tomorrow!! I'm already getting stiff. Ibuprofen will be my best friend I have a feeling.

Tuesday Kaylee gets to go represent her school in the Math UIL contest and I'm so proud of her!! She has been working so hard and no matter how she does in the contest - the fact that she was one of the few that earned a spot in her school to represent them is such an accomplishment!! Just had to have a proud Momma moment and share that with you. :)

On the designing front, I'm getting ready for a big month at Digital Candy!! They are having a sales contest and I'm gonna try my best to win!!! To make it easy for you all to help me out - I have put together some pretty awsome deals for you if you purchase my stuff at Digital Candy in the month of April!! Here's my ad with details - thought I'd give my readers a sneak peek ;)

One other note - the ad is made with a kit that will be released on April 1st also. :) It was a collab that I did with Twin Mom Scraps from Enchanted Studio Scraps. It's one of my favorite kits now and I think you all will really love it!! It will be 25% off at all my stores for the 1st week. I hope to be releasing several new kits this month - some mini's that are a little less expensive and even some new commercial use kits. So be on the lookout and please - PLEASE help me win this contest!!!! (Insert cute little puppy dog face here - hehe)

Also, Faith Sisters is having a designing contest to add some new designers, and man are there some talented ones in there!! The kits that they have done are free downloads - all you have to do is go to the Faith Sisters gallery and download - it's an awesome opportunity to get some great kits for free!! To find the kits - go to http://www.faithsisters.com/ then at the top, click on Project Gallery, then scroll down to the category "Product Design Team Applicants". All of the freebie kits are there. Just click on the ones you like and you should see the download links. :)

Another little advance notice - I will be getting my new blog all set up at my website very soon - hopefully in 2 to 3 weeks, so then I will move it there. I have to tell you - the graphics are soo adorable!! Amanda put it together for me and I love it!! Thanks A!!! I will have a link to the new blog here once the move is done, but just thought I'd keep you all in the loop. :)

Ok - I think that's all the news I have for now. I promise to try my best to be a better blogger and not wait so long between posts - hehe!! Have a wonderful start to a new week!!

Hugs and . . .
~til next time,

Monday, March 16, 2009

Blog Train Time Again - Whoo hoo!!!

Hey everyone!! Sorry it has been so long since my last post - but I'm back and have a wonderful freebie for you that is part of Digital Candy's St. Patrick's Day Blog Train!! Although it is not a St. Patrick's theme, I think you will find it one that is super cute and fun to use - it is outer space themed!! This is an adorable kit so you'll want to get it all!! The download will only be available through the 28th, then the kit will be for sale at Digital Candy - so get it now for free while it's still here!!

One other thing to note - you will want to mark your calendars for April 1st!! There will be more information coming in the next week or two- but I will be having some great things going on at Digital Candy for that month (sale, freebie with purchase, etc.) - you won't want to miss it!!! Be sure to check back for more details!!

For those of you following the train, you just came from Diana's blog:

Here's my portion of the blog train for you

Sorry, but this download has expired. If you missed the kit and would still like to have it, you can purchase the kit from the Digital Candy shoppe. :) The link will take you directly to the kit.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful kit!!

For your next stop - go to the Digital Candy Blog:

Thanks so much and I'll try not to be forever posting my next entry. :)
~til next time