Monday, April 30, 2007

Busy, Busy

Hey everyone! Sorry it's been so long since my last post. I've had a busy last few days. Saturday, Kaylee and I went to the garage sale/book signing for Amanda at the Scrapbook Pad. I had not intended to buy anything at the garage sale, but there were some great things there for a very good price, so I made some purchases. Then I had Amanda sign my book for me - YEA! She looked so pretty and Julie was so sweet to come and take photos. It was a great time. Kaylee got to do the make and take at the store, and she always loves that, plus they had cookies and punch - she was in heaven. Then I took her to the toy store (she had some money from Easter that was burning a hole in her pocket - actually her purse - you know how these pre-teen girls are) and as expected, we spent over an hour in the stuffed animal isle for her to purchase two animals. Then we picked up a soccer set for Zachary and were on our way home. I then got my scrapbooking stuff and went off to the crop with the girls. We went and ate at TGI Fridays then croppped and had a blast!

Sunday I had my kids journal class and it was a lot of fun. I think all the kids had a good time and I was so proud when Cindy looked at the journals her sons made and said she couldn't believe that they were made by kids. They looked great!

Today I took both of my poodles to the vet for their shots - when did dogs become so expensive? They even told me that the dogs needed their teeth cleaned and that it would cost me between $650 and $1000 dollars for them both - I about fainted!!! Needless to say, I called my vet from North Richland Hills and they will do it much, MUCH cheaper -so we'll be going back there. It's well worth the drive. After that I pretty much worked on some projects for Kaylee's school teacher, started thinking of some possible kids class ideas for my July class, cooked dinner, and then balanced the checkbook (oh yea - NOT - hehe).

Well, now it's almost 1AM, and I'm getting quite tired, so I'm going to get some sleep. I hope all is well with everyone and I'd love to hear from you - feel free to leave comments :)


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Great Party

We had a great time at my Pampered Chef show last night. They have some neat new products and even more great new "pink" stuff coming in May! I can't wait for the "pink" stuff. If anyone want to order, you can go to and look at what they have, then call me and I can add the order to my party. I'll need all orders by Friday night.

I really enjoyed the time with my good friends, Amanda, Cindy, and Lori. I was also thrilled that one of my neighbors that I've been wanting to get to know, Candice, came. She is so sweet and her daughter happens to be one of my daughter's best buds - YEA!

I'm looking forward to a good day today. Amanda is coming over this afternoon, and she's going to help me develop my digital paper making skills. I'm so excited!!! Now, hopefully, I'll be able to make my own kits - I can't wait!!! The weather is beautiful - a little cool right now, but I'm sure it will be wonderful later in the day.

This weekend I'm planning to go to Amanda's book signing and then crop Saturday night at the Scrapbook Pad. Then Sunday is the "My Journal" class that I'm teaching from 2-4. There's still time to sign up - hint hint :)

Gotta run for now - have a great day and check back soon !


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Stormy Tuesday

Good aftenoon everyone. I hope you are all staying dry. We are getting rain, rain, and more rain here in Saginaw, TX.

Today I have been getting ready for my Pampered Chef show, but because of the weather, we have decided to move it to tomorrow night. So at least now my house is clean. I just hope I can keep it that way until tomorrow night :) LOL.

Last night Kaylee and I went to see our neighbor in a play in Fort Worth. It was a "dessert theatre". The play was great and the cheesecake was fabulous! We had a great time.

That's about all that's going on here. Don't forget that anyone interested in taking my "Journal Class", the sign up deadline is Friday. Stay dry!


Sunday, April 22, 2007

My weekend

Today has been a lazy and yet productive day. I still have not been feeling well, and Robby let me sleep in this morning, which I desperately needed. When I did wake up, it was almost lunchtime.

Last night we went to Robby's boss' daughter's wedding. It was a very nice wedding with lots of good food. Even though I didn't feel the greatest, we had a nice time. We actually got to get out by ourselves - almost like a date - ooooh :)

Friday night, Cindy, Amanda, and I got to crop at The Scrapbook Pad and we had a blast - as we always do. We even got to leave home a little early, and had a nice dinner at Olive Garden before our crop. It was a real nice girls nite!!

Back to today - my dear sweet Husband gave me my Mother's Day/Birthday presents early. He went and picked up the outdoor furniture and swing that I had been wanting, and he even put them together for me. I was so excited, that I had to go sit in every chair and sat in the swing for quite a while with both kids and both dogs. It is so nice and we will enjoy this all summer long (and hopefully they will last for a least a few summers after this one:). While he was doing all of this, I actually got 3 loads of laundry done, but it doesn't even look like I made a dent in it. That's so frustrating!

Well, at this point, the last load of the day is ready for me to fold and put away and everyone else is in bed, so I'd better get the laundry done, and get to bed myself. I hope you all had a good weekend also. Feel free to leave me a comment letting me know about what you did.

'Til next time,

Friday, April 20, 2007

Life's ups and downs

Unfortunately, I have to share some sad news today about my friend, Amanda. In my last post, I had told you that she had received a guest designer spot on Plain Digital Wrapper, but they have decided to withdraw her spot for reasons that I do not understand. She had done some brushes that were inspired by some Paper Salon stamps, and had gone through the proper channels to get the required autorization to use them for inspiration, had made the required changes to them, and even had all of this in writing. However, Plain Digital Wrapper said someone wrote them stating the images looked like Paper Salon images, and even with all of her documentation showing that she had permission, they still could not have her as a guest designer on their site, even if she pulled the kits that pertained the images in question. To make matters even worse, Paper Salon is now pulling their authorization that they previously gave to her in writing because even though they own the images, the original artist complained. (To me this makes no sense. If the artist sold the images, that artist should no longer have any say in anything that pertains to them.) To make a long story short, Amanda is just trying to put all of this behind her and look forward to her own site being out there. She is handling it better than I think I could. I feel that both Plain Digital Wrapper and Paper Salon are totally wrong in what they are doing, but Amanda doesn't want to make a huge issue of this, and I respect her for that. If you guys have a chance, please go to Amanda's blog and write her a little note of support. The link is on my blog.

In other news and on a brighter note, Cindy got her computer up and running and didn't loose her photos and pages- thank goodness!! In fact, when they got everything fixed, she even has more hard drive space than she had before it crashed. Our prayers were answered!!

All three of us are cropping tonight and we all need the time out. There will probably be a lot of venting going on at our table tonight -hehe!! Just kidding - we're going to have a great time and keep everything very positive. This is all part of life's up and downs, and I'm just glad that we have such a great circle of friends to support us when we're down and cheer for us when we're up. With that, I'm going to go make myself presentable to the world for the crop tonight.

'Til next time,

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Lots of news

Well, yesterday I did get some antibiotics from the doctor and we got Zachary's staples out - YEA! I'm feeling a little better today and I should be ok by tomorrow so I can crop.

I got bad news yesterday from my friend, Cindy. Her computer crashed. It was not only her work computer but also her digital scrapbooking computer. I just pray that she'll be able to recover everything. We're hoping for the best for you girl:)

Then, this morning I got some great news from my friend, Amanda. She was chosen to be a guest designer for Plain Digital Wrapper! I am so excited for her, and for all you digital croppers, you can now purchase her kits on . You can look on the left side of the home page under designers and then click on her name, Amanda Dykan. She has some cute ones out there and more to come. (I've seen the starts of the next kit and I have to tell you that you will all want to have it.) I'll let you in on a little secret (not that it's really a secret...but) - the doodl-isious kit is one that I drew the artwork for ;) It was so cool to see it out there in a kit for sale. Her kits will be on sale at their website for the rest of April and through May. Then her very own website will be going live by July 1st. I will be a designer on her new website, so I have to get to work on getting some of my own kits together.

Also, for any of you in the Colleyville area, I will be teaching a Journal class on Sunday afternoon, April 29th from 2-4PM. It is for kids ages 7 & up as well as adults. It is a spiral notebook totally redesigned with Bo Bunny products. You will be able to choose from the titles: My Journal, My Stuff, or My Diary. I think it's really cute and would love to see some of you at the class. Just call The Scrapbook Pad at 817-656-4905 and tell them you'd like to sign up for my class. You can see a photo of the sample I made for the class by going to the Scrapbook Pad website. The link is listed on the right side of my blog.

One last thing is that I'm having a Pamered Chef Party at my house on Tuesday, April 24th starting at 7:00 PM. If you would like to come or if you would like to place an order, please e-mail me at

I'm going to grab some lunch and probably lay down while Zachary is napping. It seems that at this point, the more sleep I get, the better I feel, and I'm determined to be back to 100% by Friday night crop- hehe! Hope to hear from you all or see you soon.

Take care,

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Under the weather

I had a great day yesterday with one of my best buds, Lori. We had a wonderful lunch at Zio's, which just happens to be one of my favorite restaurants. Zachary even behaved well - put it down in the record books. Then we went to Wal-Mart to look at the patio furniture. They have a very nice set that is pretty affordable. After that, we came back to my house and watched a movie - Just Like Heaven with Reese Witherspoon. It was awesome! If you haven't seen that movie, I would highly recommend it, but you might want to have a few tissues handy. It's not a full tissue box movie, just a 2-3 tissue movie. Then I cooked dinner, cleaned up, and went to bed.

I was feeling a little under the weather last night, then when I got up this morning, I feel awful! I think my allergies have turned into infection - AGAIN! I had already planned to take Zachary to CareNow to have his staples removed from his head, so now I get to be seen also. Hopefully they'll give me something to make me better quick! I am signed up to crop Friday night at the Scrapbook Pad, and as we all know - NOTHING can interfere with crop nights :) I was also disappointed that I woke up sick because Amanda was supposed to come over, and I had to cancel because I definitely wouldn't want her or Ben to get this. Oh well - it's just a temporary set back and I know I will be better soon.

I hope everything is well with all of you. I'm going to go back and lay down until they call us to go in to see the doctor. Take care.


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Laid back Sunday

I had a great weekend. A lot of scrapping, which is always fun. Today was pretty laid back. Zachary and I stayed home while Robby and Kaylee went fishing. They didn't catch anything, but had a good time. Zach and I watched the "Cars" movie over and over and over - you get the point. I love the movie, but at this point I have it and "Curious George" almost memorized.

I'm learning to make brushes and use my Wacom tablet. It's going pretty good and I hope to have some kits available for sale someday. That's one of my goals for this year. The other biggie is that I want to have a page published this year. I'm trying really hard and hopefully it will pay off. I know I have to be patient, but anyone who knows me knows that patience is not one of my best virtues. I just keep praying for the Lord to help me with that one.

I have to take Zachary back to the emergency room in the next couple of days to get the staples out of his head. Of course our pediatrician doesn't take staples out -just my luck. I'm really dreading having to do that.

Nothing much else to report. I hope everyone who reads this is having a fabulous evening.

~Til next time,

Friday, April 13, 2007

Stormy night

Well here in North Texas we had a lot of severe storms tonight. I was at Julie Staley's house in Haslet with Amanda cropping when the winds picked up and then it started hailing. We had about marble sized hail here. However, once I was able to get through to my husband at home in Saginaw, I found out that they had to take shelter because a tornado formed right over where we lived and we had larger than baseball size hail. He's unsure of the damages right now because he's busy calming he kids down and can't go outside, but thankfully everyone is ok and it doesn't appear that we have any leaks and none of the windows were broken. He doesn't think we have any significant damage to the house - hopefully my Jeep isn't crushed.

We have been having a great time cropping since the storms passed. We had some great food and are enjoying our SSweeeet Tea from Chick-fil-a. Tomorrow I am teaching a class at The Scrapbook Pad and then I will be cropping for the rest of the day - YEA! Then on Sunday Robby gets his turn and he will be fishing all day.

I was just introduced to a new digital magazine that I just have to tell you is FABULOUS!! It is "Digital Scrapbooking" by Simple Scrapbooks. You can check out their website at and they have a special to subscribe and tutorials on the website. Just thought you might like to know :)

I hope you enjoy the new photos on the blog - I learned something new - YEA! Not the greatest photos, but I actually got photos onto my blog - I'm so happy.

Well, I'm going to get back to scrapping -


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Eventful weekend

Hello again! We had a great Easter and I hope you all did too. The kids got lots of candy, or as Zachary (aka Bubba) calls it "Chockie". He just kept opening one after the other and eating them as if there would be no chockie tomorrow. On Saturday, I decided to go get Kaylee's ears pierced. She had been asking for a couple of months, and we felt she was ready. This way when her birthday came, she would be able to change her earrings out. Amanda went with us and I was so glad she did. We went to Claire's in Ridgemar Mall, and they had two people do it so they could do both ears at once. That would have been great except that they got one ear very crooked, so they had to redo that ear. The Manager re-did it and did a great job. Kaylee was such a tropper and I was so proud of her! She looks so pretty with her new earrings.

All was well until Monday morning. I was dragging as I usually do in the mornings, when all of he sudden I heard a crash and looked over and saw Zachary falling out of the dining room chair under the table. Of course, I was just far enough away to be unable to catch him. He was screaming and I was trying to find the boo boo, when I found the gash in the back of his head. I panicked as any good Mother would do (at least I hope it was normal) and called my husband because I had no idea what hospital to take him to. We went to North Hills Hospital and were treated very well. Two staples and 3 hours later, we were able to come home. The funny side of it was that about 5 minutes after the accident happened, Zachary was trying to go play as if nothing happened - despite the bleeding from the back of his head. Then when we got to the hospital, I think they thought I was the patient because my blood pressure was through the roof and my face was completely flush, I had been crying, and I was shaking. When they realized Zachary was the patient and were looking for him (he was with his Daddy), they saw him playing in the automatic door that comes into the Emergency room. He had just realized that when he moved in front of the door, it would open all by itself and this was most fascinating to him. He was laughing and playing - no worse for the wear - unlike his Mom. Then when Kaylee came home, Robby told her what had happened. (Zachary and I were taking a well needed nap.) Kaylee then came running into my room crying asking if Zachary was ok. I was so proud that I was able to think fast - I responded that Zachary was just jealous of her getting her ears pierced and so he got his head pierced. That made her laugh and calm down - yea Mommy!

Everything has been pretty uneventful since then - thank goodness. We've had enough excitement to last a while:) Today Amanda and Ben have come over and we are playing on our computers while the boys are playing in the backyard (enjoying our new deck and plants) and watching the "Cars" movie. Well - I'm going to work on some new pages.

"Til next time,

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Looking forward to Easter

Today is Kaylee's Spring (Easter) party at school. Kaylee asked me this morning if I was going to come to her party because she HAD to have photos of the party so that I could put them in her scrapbook. It's good to know that she really cares that I do this for her. That made me feel good :)
Tomorrow is my big day - I get INTERNET!!! Yea! I also get to go crop at the Scrapbook Pad. If anyone wants to join us - give them a call and sign up. We'd love to see you there! Also, I will be teaching a really great class called "Nifty Notepads" in mid-April. We'll be making a set of 3 notpads and they're really cute. All you have to do is call and sign up - hint hint - hehe!
I'm getting ready to post a new page onto the Scrap Artist website for their weekly contest - wish me luck. Really it's just fun to have the challenge and feel the sense of accomplishment when it's done - but if I win - that would be really great!
Hopefully next time I post to my blog- it will be using my own internet - until then, happy scrapping!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

21st Century Woman

Good afternoon! I know it's been a while since my first posting, but unfortunately since some of you may not know, I'm still living in the dark ages with no internet. The only way that I am able to post, is by going somewhere that has wireless internet - i.e. Amanda's house:) But good news - that's all about to end! Friday, I should be getting internet set up at my house and I can not tell you now happy that makes me - and Amanda too - he he!
I have been doing some scrapbooking and have posted pages on Creating Keepsakes website and ScrapArtist website - be sure to check them out and let me know what you think. I would love to hear feedback.
My husband, Robby and I have also been working on finishing out deck in our backyard. Today I went shopping for bushes and flowers for it with my great friend, Lori. She's my go to person for advice on plants - she's awesome! Hopefully I can get the plants planted before they die - I'll keep you posted on that progress - or lack thereof. Well, I better go for now. I have to pick up Kaylee from play practice. Thanks for checking in with me!