Wednesday, April 30, 2008

National Scrapbooking Day coming up fast

Well, Saturday is National Scrapbooking Day and we're stuck with no scrapbook store anywhere near us, so we're trying to find a place to crop. I think my friend Cindy may have found us a place because what is NSD without a place to crop with your friends!!! hehe.

At my store at PPF, I have 2 kits that are going up for NSD - Tweed Garden, and Neopolitan, the full kit! I am so excited about these and I am working on trying to get one more up before Friday. We're also having a big sale at PPF and contests - so be sure to stop in and check everything out.

Other than that, I'm just still working on another book for Design Originals that I think is going to be a fabulous book! I can't wait to show you some of the projects I've designed - but can't until later - so I'll just have to keep you in suspense.

Have a good one and I hope everyone gets lots of layouts done on NSD. Leave me a note about what your plans are - I'd love to hear!

~til next time,

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