Monday, May 18, 2009

We saved a turtle!!

We just had the oddest thing happen to us yesterday and I just had to share it with you. Last night my family decided we would all go for a walk. The weather was so nice and we had walked several blocks and had walked along the street next to the quarry and turned to see a HUGE turtle in the road. It was larger than a basketball and was only moving his head. His shell was cracked on the back and we couldn't tell if he could move or not - but he was a huge snapping turtle - so we didn't dare get too close. My husband decided we would try to help the poor turtle so he went back home to get a big bucket and shovel to put him in so we could take him back to the quarry where we assumed he came from. Well - while my husband was gone, the turtle decided to move - so we did find out he could walk. Really the only thing that appeared wrong with him was the crack in the back of his shell. So me and my kids kept an eye on him until hubby came in the Jeep with a large container and shovel. He gently lifted the turtle up and placed him in the large container. That turtle snapped so hard that I thought he was going to snap the shovel handle in two pieces, but he didn't. There was a huge fence around the quarry and there wasn't a way for us to put him in there without just dumping him over the fence, which could have hurt him badly - plus hubby said the thing weighed prolly 25 to 30 pounds and would have been hard to lift that high anyway. So - we took him to a nearby lake and released him. He seemed so happy to get into the water and be off of that hard concrete street. Then the coolest thing happened - we watched him swim away - then right before we turned to leave - he came back and just popped his head up out of the water and looked at us as if he was thanking us. It really was a cool moment and it felt so good to know that we helped that little guy out!!

I have a few other things going on right now. I am working on some craft projects for a new book by Design Originals. I'm hoping to finish them in the next few days to turn in. I think they are gonna be cute. Then I am also looking for a new digital shop to call home since Digital Candy closed. I have only sent out one application so far - just sent it last night - keeping my fingers crossed. I also have a new kit that I just released called Summer Sunrise and I'll put the preview on the right side for you. It's 25% off in my shop at Paula Phillips Designs through the end of May.

I also just found out about a new scrapbooking store that will be opening in my area - whoo hoo!! I don't know yet what the name of it will be- but it's in my old neighborhood in North Richland Hills and I can't wait for it to open. I also found out that Sharon Cheng, a super Stampin' Up demonstrator and awesome scrapbook instructor will be teaching classes there and I got a sneak peek at 2 of the classes she will be offering and can't wait to sign up!!

Well - that's about all going on right now. Just trying to get through all the end of school activities and plan for my yearly trip to see my family in Oklahoma and Kansas. I hope all of you are having a wonderful start to the new week!!

~til next time,

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