Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Great Dog

It finally happened.  A day we knew was coming but kept hoping would not be soon.  After a fun evening scrapbooking Friday night, I came home and Robby was up with Hercules, our dear, sweet, 12 year old mini poodle, who had been coughing and struggling to breathe.  He has been in congestive heart failure for a while and we have been able to keep him going with medications, but this time was different.  No matter what medicine we gave him, and no matter how hard we tried to calm him down, we were not able to get this episode to stop.  Robby took him to the animal emergency hospital, and they said there was nothing they could do, and so Hercules in now in heaven with my other doggie baby that passed on several years ago, BiJou.  He was such a wonderful dog and we miss him terribly.  He really was a GREAT dog!

Hopefully I'll have better news for you next time.
~til then,


Claudia said...

OH, so sorry to hear about Hercules!

Paula Phillips said...

Thank you. It's been really tough, but at least I know he's not suffering anymore.

KajunKJ said...

Oh, Paula...I am so sorry to read this...I know that Jazz has welcomed him to Puppy-Dog Heaven. I know that it's really hard but, do try to remember all the fun times with him. Hugs!

Mulberry Lane Studio said...

I know how hard this was for you Sweetie. They become members of the family, don't they? I know nothing helps, but hopefully it'll bring you a little comfort to snuggle up close to the kids for a while. Either that- or just have some chocolate and wine. That always works for me... ;)
Love you sweet girl.

Joni said...

My heart hurts for Hercules and you know how much I am going to miss that sweet furbaby. I was so blessed to know him and he will always have a special Herc place in my heart. Hugs for all of you.