Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm back posting - finally !!

Hello again! Yes I'm still here and sooooo much has happened! Robby and I went to Las Vegas for our 10th anniversary - lots and lots of walking!!! But it was a lot of fun too. We saw the Phantom of the Opera while we were there - that was enough to make the whole trip worth it - but we did other fun stuff too. Then, we were back for about a week, then the kids and I went to Oklahoma to visit my Grandma Huff in Lamar, OK, then on to visit my Mema and Papa Mc (or as the kids call them, GG and Gramps) in Broken Arrow, OK. We had a lot of fun - we saw horses, went bowling and more. Then we were off to Paola, Kansas to see my parents. This was the first time we have been able to visit them since they moved there. The house was beautiful and my Mom and I made curtains and flower arrangements. We also saw my brother, Brian and his wife, Gissel. The kids and I went to a water park and a zoo/park with my Dad and we all had a good time. After a little over two weeks it was time to come home. We had a good time, but were all a little homesick.

Now we're back and getting back into the grind of the new school year. Kaylee started school yesterday - my big 3rd grader! She loves it and hopefully it will stay that way. Next week Zachary starts Pre-K on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I can't wait - 2 whole days to myself!!! Wow!!! I can't even imagine it yet.

We visited a new church last Sunday, First Baptist Church Saginaw. It was very nice and the kids seem to really like it. (This is where Zach will be going to Pre-K). We just wanted to check it out since it has been taking so long to get to our church. We'll see how it goes. We did sign Kaylee up for some kid activities and she's really excited about that!

I do have some really good news to share! I just turned in some scrapbook pages that will be published in a book being put out by Design Originals. I can't wait to see them in the book. I'll give you more info on it once I know that it's ok to share that info. Also - I'll be sure to let you know when it's available for purchase. I can't wait. I'm also working on some additional projects for Design Originals that will hopefully be published in upcoming books. I'm very excited about this new chapter in my life and hope that someday soon I'll get to do my own book.

My classes at The Scrapbook Pad have been doing well. The kids classes seem to really be taking off. Last week we had 8 kids at the class. It was a lot of fun and the children all did so well on their school mini albums! It made me so proud. September 30th, we'll be making a decorated monogram letter for the kids to put on their door or in their room. They will really get to be creative on this one and I'd love to have a full class. It's only $15 - so sign up your little ones (7 & up) - they'll have a lot of fun! Also - in November, I'm starting my adult classes back up and this one will be a great one! I'll be teaching a Thankful paper bag album with papers from Bo Bunny - they are gorgeous! I'll give more info on this one a little later.

Well - that pretty much catches you up on where I'm at. I'll try to update a little more often. Thanks for checking in with me and I'd love to hear your comments about the new pages and photos - (notice the new hair do :) Have a great day!


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Amanda Dykan said...

Wow! You've been quite the busy girl! lol... great picture by the way- what a great photographer you must have! LOVE the new "do". It's Friday night... where are you!