Sunday, August 24, 2008

I applied to sell at Faith Sisters - need your help!

* if you are looking for the QP freebie - scroll down one post *

Hey everyone!! I'm so excited about a site where I have applied to be a designer. It is and it is a faith based digital scrapbooking site. It is sooo cool and they have all sorts of things that are different from other sites such as a prayer forum, a gallery for kids to post layouts and much more. All potential designers had to design a mini kit for their birthday celebration and mine is up! I would love for you to go leave a comment for me and download my kit - it's free!!! You will have to register in their gallery to leave a comment and download, but it would help my chances, so I would be so grateful if you all could help me out!! I sooo want to be a designer at their site! Also on August 29th everyone registered at their site can cast their vote for who they think should win the position - PLEASE vote for me ;)

Anyway - other than that, I have just been getting ready for Kaylee to start school. She got the teacher that she wanted so badly, so that was a blessing. This year she will even switch classes 3 times for different subjects and all her teachers seemed wonderful! I'm really looking forward to a great year for her! Zachary's meet the teacher night is Thursday and I can't wait. I'm just so thankful that we actually got him potty trained so that he can attend. Thanks for all your prayers about that one!!!!!

If any of you have checked out the store at CLD, you will notice it is down. They are upgrading and we have a lot planned for the re-grand opening - so be on the lookout! I'm working on some things for that as we speak. Also GDWI grand opening is in a couple of weeks - it's all just so exciting! One more thing to be watching for is a blog train that my CT and I are working on. Right now it is scheduled for Sept 5th and a few days after that. You will be able to get some great quick pages from my Dino-Roar kit - and best of all - they will all be FREE!! If you are wondering - we will have pages with no dinos as well as ones with - I love to have flexible kits and I'm looking forward to showing that with this event.

Also - Aug 30th is my Christmas Card Workshop from 1PM to 5PM. If you haven't signed up and still want to, please e-mail me asap so I can get everything ordered for you!!!

Ok - I'll be done now - now that I've written a book- hehe. I'm just so excited about everything going on right now and I feel so blessed. I hope you all have a great start to the new week and I'll write again soon!

~til next time,


Robin L said...

I commented on your lovely birthday mini! Good luck dear

RealRach said...

Good luck but I don't think you will need it!

RealRach said...

I see a new AVI around your head at FS!! CONGRATS SISTER!!!

RealRach said...
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