Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Sad, Sad Day

It's true - PurplePaperFlowers.com is closing it's shoppe! I am sooooooo sad! It was my first digital shoppe and it felt like home - all comfy and cozy and a safe place to be - and now it is going away. I totally understand why Amanda is having to do this, and I support her 100%, but it is still sad. I'm still selling at ColorLineDesign.com and am working on finding a second store to sell at, but another site will have a lot to live up to to fill PPF's shoes. Ok - enough of my sob story.

On a brighter note, I have really made myself determined to make this designing thing work, and have shared that with my CT, and they have responded wonderfully! They are all so supportive and ready to help any way they can. It has been just the uplifting that I need!

Kaylee and I got to have another Mom-Daughter day with Miss Joni! We had a blast and enjoyed our new fav pizza - the natural with roasted red peppers and tomatoes - YUMMY! We also watched the olympics while we made some very cute projects that Joni brought back with her from the Stampin' Up convention. Thanks Joni for opening your home to us and providing Kaylee and I with some wonderful bonding time - although, I do have to say that this last time Kaylee may have done more bonding with Bobbie's dog, Favre, then she did with me - hehe - but seriously - it was a wonderful day!

That's about all for now - so . . .

~til next time,


RealRach said...

Hey Paula...Chin up. Something will turn up for you. Why don't you just go to GDWI? That's Amanda's baby too, I am sure she would let you join there.

If there's anything I can do for you, just let me know.

Amanda Dykan said...

I'm sorry to see you sad, girlie! I love you bunches. I'm sad to close up shoppe... but I know you understand why. Come on over to GDWI... (((HUGS))) Amanda

Me and my Joy ... said...

Wow, time for me to catch up on some blogs. It is fun for me to have you and Kaylee over!! I was so glad you wanted to watch the olympics and I have to agree with you ... Kaylee and Farve were bonding. I wonder if Bobbi is going to get Farve a new 'New York Jets' jersey ... thanks for sharing the day with me girls. Can't believe PPF is closing!!