Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ColorLineDesign back up and huge sale!!

* If you are looking for freebies - scroll down for a mini kit and some quickpages. *

Color Line Design is back up and running with all the new updates and to celebrate, most of the designers have marked their stuff way down for a huge sale - AND all collab kits from the site are 1/2 off!!! All of my designs in the store are 40% off!!! The sale only goes for 1 week - so be sure to head over and grab some great "deals"!!

Also - start planning for the Faith Sisters Big Birthday Bash this weekend! There will be all sorts of fun things going on and some sales - wink wink!! You'll want to check this one out - so mark your calendars!

On the personal side of things, I haven't posted about this yet, but I wanted to let you all know. My brother-in-law on Robby's side of the family passed away a few weeks ago. It was very tragic and unexpected. Please pray for his Mom, Wife, and 2 young children, as well as the other family members, that they will be able to heal from this great loss.

Robby is helping out with the hurricane that hit Texas and is very busy with that. The kids and I are just plugging away with school and all. Kaylee is loving school this year! She has some fabulous teachers and is doing well! Zachary is also loving his new school, The Grace Place. He is soo excited every morning that he gets to go to school and he hasn't cried at all when I take him and leave (hope I didn't jinx it - hehe). Other than keeping the house up, cooking, playing taxi cab, and designing new kits, that's about all going on here. I hope you are all well!

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