Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Fun Times Ahead

Yesterday and today have been still busy, but pretty uneventful. I have been trying to get the craft projects together for VBS at my church, get my class samples done for my June classes, do laundry, and get the project stuff together for the make and take I'll be doing on National Scrapbook Day (Saturday) at the Scrapbook Pad. On that last note, we're making a really cute little gift box/bag that would be great for Mother's Day to put a gift card into or even some candy. It will be from 11:00 to 12:00 - so stop by and see me :)

Today I got to keep Ben for a while for Amanda. He is just so adorable. He is Zachary's best buddy. We watched "Cars" - big surprise there :) and ate spaghetti-o's. Then tonight Robby and I went to Cabela's and got there during the bad weather, but all was ok. The kids love, LOVE looking at all the animals there. This was really the first time that Zachary was just enamored with the animals. First he saw the birds, and we almost couldn't get him out of the entry way. If you have kids, and they haven't been there - it's worth it. It's like a zoo where the animals are always out - and it's air conditioned ! :) ! As an added bonus - they have a fudge shop upstairs - so of course we had to go there too. YUMMY!

I'm really excited about this weekend. We are having a kind of mini-retreat and we're cropping Saturday, staying at a hotel Sat. night, then cropping Sunday. It will be a well needed get away - and I'm going to try to work on kits for Amanda's upcoming website, and hopefully actually get some pages done for my own books.

I'm also looking forward to tomorrow. Amanda is saving the day for me and watching Zachary so that I can go get my hair and nails done. (Amanda - love ya gal !!! :) Then we're going to work on our projects together for a while and the kids will get to play.

Well - I'm going to get some rest so that I can be fully awake to enjoy my day tomorrow. I hope you are all well!

'Til next time,


Amanda Dykan said...

Ohhhh, what a fun day we had! Zachey was an angel, and he and Ben had a blast. Thanks for the sweet note... It's Friday NOW! Are we at the retreat yet??


Heather said...

So, I'm thinking it's been at least a week since your last post. I could be wrong, life does that to me sometimes.

So... here are my comments to your upcoming post.... :)

I'm SO glad you had such a great time at our crop at The Pad! We had a great time too!

Pedicures and manicures are divine - glad to hear you enjoyed yours!

Hmmmm how was the rest of your weekend??