Sunday, January 13, 2008

Thoughts of Things to Come

I am so excited right now about the PurplePaperFlowers website. It will be up and running very soon - like within the next couple of weeks - maybe even sooner. It is looking so good and there are many, MANY talented designers on the site. I am so flattered to be a part of it.

I'm really hoping to try to start some cool stuff here on my blog too. If I can figure out how - I'm thinking of trying to have some digital kits to give away to my faithful bloggers every now and then - and maybe you could even e-mail me the pages you do with my kits - better yet - you could post them in the gallery at the PurplePaperFlowers website! That would be too cool!

I'm also looking forward to the next book I'm doing, and when I get the projects done, maybe I can post some photos here for you. I'm really excited about this one and the wreath book!

CHA is coming closer and I'm excited and nervous. Not sure what to expect since this is my first time to go. If you are a lucky person going too - come see me at the Design Originals booth. We're going to have some GREAT - did I mention GREAT promotions!! Come and see.

On the home front - everyone seems to be getting healthy again - thank goodness! The kids are back to their adorable rambunctious selves, and I'm back to my hectic schedule. I'm telling you - no one can multi task like a Mom. We're taxi/bus drivers, maids, cooks, secretaries, book-keepers, and then there's our jobs - hehe! I don't know about you - but it really exhausts me sometimes. Don't get me wrong - I love my life and wouldn't change a thing - other than to add more hours into a day.

Speaking of hours in a day - this day is almost gone and I have to get some sleep - so good night to everyone and I hope you have a wonderful day!!

Yours truly,

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