Monday, March 17, 2008

Busy Week

**** If you are looking for my freebie - it is on the previous post - please scroll down ******

This past week was a busy but fun one. Both kids had their Easter/Spring parties last week and are on spring break this week. Zachary was so cute hunting eggs. When all the eggs were gone, he came up to me and said - "But I'm not done yet!". All the kids were so cute! Kaylee's party was fun too. They got to have ice cream sundaes that they earned doing math facts. After 20+ sundaes, I think I'm ready for a job at an ice cream shoppe.

I have also been hard at work on some new kits. Two of them are on PurplePaperFlowers already. One is a doodle embellishment kit, and the other is a set of 6 of my Baby Food Jars that everyone has loved in paper, so I made them in a digital kit. The doodles I'm especially proud of. I drew all the doodles myself and embellished them with paint, glitter, and much more. Go check them out!

There are more kits on the way and they should be on next week. I'm going to try to get a new freebie here on the blog this week too, so be sure to check back from time to time. I'm off to work on the new kits.

~Til next time,


Joni said...

where's that freebie??? sniff, sniff ... the blood hound in me. hahha ... I really enjoyed seeing you today and watching you work on your awesome book!!!

Marni said...

Hey girl! Robby gave me your blog address. I'm so glad you have one too so I can keep in touch. Hope you guys are doing well :)