Wednesday, March 5, 2008

February - sick month

Yes - that's right - February has now been labeled "sick month" at the Phillips' house. While in California at CHA I got sick. I was so bummed on top of not feeling well. I had so looked forward to CHA and I felt so bad that I didn't even get to go look around. As it ended up - I had the flu and then got acute Bronchitis on top of it. Then just when I started to think I was getting better, my cough got worse and I then ended up in the ER clinic only to find out that I had developed Pluresy (sp ?) in my right lung. All this took about 3 weeks, and I'm just now starting to feel back to myself. Luckily, my husband was great and locked me in my room and kept himself and the kids away from me - so they managed not to get the flu from me - thank goodness! My son did however get an infection in the bottom of his lung, a sinus infection, and ear infection. He's doing much better now. I'll just be so happy if we can go a couple of weeks without anyone being sick! I know I've had a lot of people praying for me and thank you so much for that.

I haven't been able to do much since I've been sick, so I don't have anything new to report for myself. My daughter, however, has given us a lot to be proud of lately. She did a fabulous job at the tryouts for the talent show. She's singing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". She also was chosen to compete in the UIL Writing competition for her school. Only about 30 students out of 800+ were chosen to compete. We are so proud of her. Now we are working on her 3rd grade project - a solar system replica. I was overwhelmed when she told me - but she has just taken it on and is doing a great job. I'll have to post a photo when she's done. She painted 4 planets last night and shocked me with the details she added. I guess you could say I'm one proud Mama!

Hopefully I'll have some new stuff for you soon since I'm finally starting to feel better. I hope you all have been well, and I'll try not to get sick and not post for 3 weeks again - hehe.

~Til nex time,

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