Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Winners!

I had a wonderful birthday! I went to breakfast with my dear hubby, spent a little time with my kids, then was off to a scrapbooking retreat for 2 days with some of my dearest friends. We went to the Beaumont Ranch in Grandview, Texas. We had a blast and enjoyed a great birthday cake (thanks Amanda), did some shopping (thanks Cindy) and I even rode the mechanical bull - hehe!! That was really a site to see - NOT! It was sooooo funny - I had to have help just to get on the thing (thanks Kristy) and I wasn't on it long. Thank goodness for the padded floors!! I'm sure you can tell we were all just silly and had a wonderful time!

Now for the announcement - I have 2 winners of my contest!! Kayre and Rachel!!!! Yea ladies! They will both be receiving my full kit Summer Stroll! The mini version has been here on my blog as a freebie, but the full version is packed with many new things that I think everyone will love it. Thanks for participating!

One other bit of exciting news I have to share! I had outgrown my wedding rings and had been wearing a costume jewelry set for a while. My hubby and I had talked for a while about having it resized and upgrading it a little, but after looking into it - that was going to be VERY expensive, so we decided to trade it in for a whole new set. I was kind of struggling with giving up my first set, but Robby encouraged me to use it to get what I really wanted instead of just having it sit in a drawer. I think I did the right thing and it allowed me to get my dream wedding set and I'm so happy and excited!! I just love my new set and it was so sweet having my husband go with me to do everything! It brought back a lot of nice memories of when he would have me look at sets before we got engaged. Now I just can't stop looking at it - hehe!

That's about all the news I have for now. I hope you all had a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend and . . .

~til next time,

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RealRach said...

Thank you for the kit! Or the promise of one! heehee

Hope your weekend was all that it was meant to be. My was very busy and I am ready for a day of rest soon!