Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

It's a little late, I know, but Happy New Year anyway -hehe!! I'm back from my wonderful trip to see my family in Oklahoma and Kansas. We left the day after Christmas and came back on Jan 4th. After a LOT of unpacking, laundry, taking down Christmas decorations, and general catching up, I think life is pretty much "back to normal" as much as normal can be around here - lol! The trip was so much fun! I did way to much shopping, but it's all about how much you SAVED - right????? I got several shirts for $3 and $4 - so how can you pass that up??? rofl!! Seriously, it was so good to get to see my Brother and Sister-in-law, and my Aunt from California that I don't get to see very much, as well as all my Grandparents and Mom and Dad. And I have to say a big thank you to Joni for taking such good care of our furry babies while we were gone!! It's their home away from home!!!

I'm so glad to see that so many of you were able to grab and enjoy the freebie that is to celebrate my new site where I'll be selling my goodies, Enchanted Studio Scraps! It's coming along very nicely and is supposed to be open sometime around the 15th!! For those of you who had trouble with the download, I'm very sorry - but it should be all fixed, so feel free to still download - it's all still available. Also - Digital Candy got a big make-over and it is beautiful!! The new owners are great and one of my BFF's, Amanda, designed the graphics and you just have to go check it out!! The addy is now , but if you use the old addy - it will forward you. I'm also still selling at Faith Sisters and they have such a wonderful community. I'm so looking forward to what the new year brings as far as my digital designing!! Some new news for you about this - the people who bring you iTunes - now bring you iScrapbook -and I'm one of the first designers there!!! Whoo hoo!! You can check out the site at I'm working with them right now to get some of my kits uploaded to the site and they should be there in a couple of weeks. I am also putting more of my kits up at the Lasting Impressions website, for use with their software program, Memory Mixer. This software is fabulous and allows you to get a LOT of scrapping done very quickly. So as you can see, I'm a busy little bee trying to get all my stuff packaged and at the new sites. Hopefully I can get this all done very soon so I can get some new designs out for you. :)

I wanted to share something I have done lately. Kaylee has really started doing a lot of drawing lately, and I sat down to draw with her one evening, and learned some new techniques from the books she got, and I was so proud of the bunny I drew. I made it into a "flair" button - and posted it to the right under the Christmas Candy preview. You'll have to check it out. I just wanted to share that with you. ;)

Ok - off to work on previews and uploading. I hope you have a wonderful day and a fabulous start to the new year!!!
~til next time,

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Robin L said...

Wow you have been busy little bee! Glad you had a great trip and Happy New Years to you too!