Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kaylee's Alice In Wonderland Play - A Huge Success!

Wow - we have had a busy couple of weeks with Zachary graduating from Pre-K, Kaylee finishing 5th grade and leaving elementary school, and Kaylee's big play. I've got so many photos for you that I'm having to split them between 2 posts - lol.  Zachary's photos are in the post below - be sure to check them out.  He was just darling! 

This post is about my musical diva, Kaylee.  I know I'm her Mom and all, but I just have to tell you that watching her up there on that stage belting out those songs and acting like I've never seen her do before, I was just shocked and could not believe that it was actually my little girl up there on that stage!  I was so proud I was about to bust!  One of her classmates came up to her after the show and told her that she needed to be on broadway - what a compliment!!  For the many of you who came to see the show - I really appreciate you showing up and supporting her.  I know it meant the world to her.  I also have to say that ALL the performers did an excellent job!  It wasn't just Kaylee - the whole production was unbelievable.  Many people said they could not believe that this was an elementary production, but that it was something they could have paid to see at Casa Manana.  I have to agree, and a big part of that is due to the wonderful job done by the art/music teacher, Mrs. Shannon Jackson.  She is a phenomenal woman that is so talented and really knows how to teach and motivate the children.  She has been such a blessing to Kaylee and to all of Remington Point Elementary - Mrs. Jackson - if you are reading this - you are awesome and we can't thank you enough for all your hard work and dedication!!  Now I have to show you some, ok, many photos of the play.  I think you'll be able to tell even from just the photos how great it was.  So without further adieu...

Okay - now you have to read my next post about my little boy that I am equally proud of.  Keep reading.  :)

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