Friday, June 25, 2010

Scary day - I'm back on Facebook!

Well, I did it - something I said I never wanted to do again, but since I'm going to be starting a new business venture - I kind of had to.  So - I'm back on facebook - hehe.  Now - I just have to figure out how to work it. 

And - we have the new name for the etsy business we are going to start (by we - I mean me and Kaylee).  So..... drumroll please .......

Cutiepies And Critters
Thanks Amanda for coming up with that adorable name for us!

I can't wait to get it all started.  We will be selling all sorts of stuff from baby items/photo props, to scrapbooking things, to dog toys.  Basically, we will be making whatever we get the urge to make - rofl!  I'll be sure to let you all know as soon as we have stuff available for sale.  :)

Okies - I have to run and set stuff up!  If you're not already there - add me as a friend on facebook and you can become a fan of my cutiepies and critters page!!  Yeah!

~til next time,


Linn said...

Hey Paula! Sounds like you are doing fantastic! Good luck on your new business venture! I've tried to add you as a Facebook friend, but there are over 500 Paula Phillips and nothing comes up for Cutiepies and Critters. Need some help please! Thanks!

Linn Bowles

Libby Bates said...

Hi Paula! Congrats with the new venture :) Facebook is awesome to spread the can get lost in all of the information! Make sure you check out Vera Bradley's facebook page!