Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back to school and 4 new hats added to the Cutiepies and Critters shop

Hello everyone!  It's back to school time and boy is this time of year hectic!  We have already had Kaylee's 6th grade orientation and in a couple of days we will have Zachary's Kindergarten orientation.  Wow, I can't believe I will have both kids in school now.  I've taken on the Staff Appreciation Chairperson position for Zachary's elementary school PTA this year.  I'm really excited.  Thursday is a luncheon for the staff and I am working on a nice surprise for the teachers and other staff members for the first week of school.  Once I have given them out, I'll have to post photos - I just don't want one of them to see it here and ruin the surprise - hehe. 

Another exciting thing - Amanda took some adorable photos with some of the hats I created in the past few days and I have now added 4 new hats to my shop at Cutiepies and Critters.  Here are some photos of the new hats:

"Little Red Monster Hat"

"Happy Hippo Hat"
"Aviator Hat"
"Purple Bumpy Hat"

Special thanks to Mulberry Lane Studios for these great photos!!

If you are interesting in looking more at these or some of my other hats for sale, please go to

Thanks and let's get these kids off to a great start to their school year!
~til next time,


KajunKJ said...

Wow...Zachary is starting school...I feel old! LOL! The hats are precious...good luck in your new business!

happyjacks said...

Hi Paula! Amanda, Zachary's WEE School teacher! I've been thinking about the little ones from my classes a lot lately now that I have my own little guy and I sure do miss them! I love love love your hats. Jack doesn't have a hat for this winter, so I'll be checking out your shop for something. I hope all is well with you. I can't believe Zachary is starting kindergarten :(