Thursday, February 11, 2010

Now That's Not Supposed To Happen . . .

. . . to quote Widget from "Wow Wow Wubzy".  At least it's not supposed to happen in Texas!  We are getting LOTS and LOTS of SNOW!!!  It has made a slushy mess and they are saying we could get up to 9 inches before it's all done.  The kids are loving it, but Robby said he chooses to live in Texas to stay away from the stuff - guess it found him anyway - tee hee hee!!  I have to share some photos of us out having fun after everyone got home today.

The backyard - and it's still coming down!!

The "Before photos" - notice how clean and warm they look - hehe!!

We decided to make a snowman.

Here is our snowman, "Hardhat Hal", as Kaylee named him.  And here's the song for our version of "Frosty":

Hardhat Hal the snowman,
Was a jolly happy soul.
With a Dragin worm mouth and a Senko worm nose
And two eyes made out of bobbers!!!

How appropriate for our family - all fishing stuff - ROFL!!


Zachary tried to sneak up on Daddy.

Here's the aftermath:

And poor Gracie just doesn't know what to think.  The snow is almost as deep as she is tall.  Robby is having to clear off a spot in the grass because it is getting so deep we'll loose her!!  Here's her first snow pics:

I'm sure we'll all sleep good tonight.  We (Robby and I) may not care much for snow - but we made the best of it and had a great time with the kids.  It had just better all melt by tomorrow afternoon so I can make it to the big President's Day sale at JoAnn's!!!  :)  Take care and stay warm!
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