Friday, August 14, 2009

Dealing with it as best I can and class info :)

Well - no good news in regards to the rings. I'm just going to have to resolve myself to the fact that they are gone and I will not get them back. I never thought rings could be something that I could get so attached to - but they had such a story behind them and meant so much to me. They were sort of like my security blanket and now they are gone. But I'm trying to move past it. All my saddness and worry won't bring them back, so I have to try to get out and concentrate on fun things. Hercules seems to be responding to the medications pretty well. He seems to be breathing easier and is not coughing as much (which should mean that some of the fluid is coming out of the lungs). The medicines will not cure anything, but hopefully will put him out of any pain and give him some more time here with us. Not a day goes by that I don't look at him and think it could be my last day with him and just love on him and cry with him. This is the part of having and loving a dog that is soooo darn hard. Ok - as you can see - I'm still struggling with it, but I'm really trying to move on.

I went to a crop at the church in North Richland Hills sponsored by Jody and Joni. It was a lot of fun and I was able to see and catch up with some friends I had not seen in a while. My daughter, Kaylee went with me and she was making her paper piecings that she sells on a shelf by the register at the Scrapper's Boutique - along with other gift ideas. She also came up with a name for her little business . . . drumroll please . . . . . Kabugg's Krafts . I thought that was very cute and now I need to get her some little business cards made up. :) Tonight she made a paper pieced bear and a card - both of which were some of her best work yet. I'll try to take photos and post them here for you to see.

I worked on my cards for the Intro To Cards class that will be September 5th from 1:30 to 3:30 PM. It is a total of 4 cards. We will be going over sizing of cards/envelopes and different folding techniques. The papers are sure cute with lots of birds and it's going to be a lot of fun!!! I hope you will consider joining us. I've also been hard at work for the start of the "Junior Scrappers Club". This is a club that meets monthly to make layouts and decorate an 8 1/2" x 11" album during the school year. I am very happy with how the cover design turned out as well as the 1st two pages - can't wait for everyone to see it!! I just have to finish the 3rd and 4th pages and then I can show you a photo and the sample will be available to view and the Scrapper's Boutique. The 1st 4 layouts will be the first class and it is also September 5th, but from 10:00AM to 12:00Noon. The 2nd class will be in October and we will be decorating the cover and an additional 2 layouts. Both the Intro To Cards and Junior Scrappers Club Samples should be there by next Tuesday evening.

Tomorrow I'll be at the Scrapper's Boutique to teach the kids Snorkel Board Book Class. Adults are also welcome. I believe there are still a few spots available, so call Cherie at the shop to sign up!! It starts at 1PM.

Well - it's late here and I'd better get to bed. I'll be back soon with some photos for you. I also have a project that I'm working on putting up here on the web special just for my blog readers. It's a mini book that I thought was a cute one - so keep checking back. ;)

Hugs to you all!
~til next time,

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