Friday, September 18, 2009

Crop Tonight - whoo hoo!!!

Hey everybody!!  I've had a pretty good week and I hope you all have too.  :)  I've completed some projects for classes and some for Cherie to display in her shop and I can't wait to share them with you.  I'm planning to take photographs tonight and put them up for you all to see this weekend.  I've also been working on a project for a contest I saw for a recycled Halloween box.  I'll be sure to post that one too when I can.

We had Zachary's 5th birthday party on Wednesday and boy did he have a good time!!  We got a Spongebob cake, cups, plates, and napkins, all of which he just loved.  I was so tickled with him because when he woke up, I told him "Happy Birthday!" and he looked around and then asked me "Where are my decorations?".  Last summer, Kaylee had some of her girlfriends over for her birthday, and we decorated her room - so he just thought that was the norm and wanted to know why I didn't have that done for him.  It was so funny and cute - but he sure knows how to put me on a guilt trip!!  So I took him out to lunch and then we went to buy balloons and decorations and we decorated the dining room for him.  After dinner, we had the "party" and he was so excited he couldn't even sit still.  There were only 2 things he had asked for, a zhu zhu hamster and a frog funkey, and of course, they weren't available in any stores yet, so I went shopping on ebay.  What a beating!!  Those auctions had me so nervous I could just feel my blood pressure rising.  I was feeling like, don't they know I HAVE to have these for my son's birthday - hehe!  Anyway - I was able to get a lot of hamster stuff for him and Kaylee and got him his frog funkey and even another one too.  I guess I did good because he is still telling me thank you several times a day for his gifts.  That makes it all soooo worth it to see his little smile and know how happy it made him!

On a different note, I'm very excited about getting to crop tonight.  I'm going to be getting a new Halloween book to make into a class sample tonight and I'm very excited about it.  Plus - it's always fun to get together with my friends and have some adult ladies time - hehe.

Well - I have a "5 year old" (as he now keeps pointing out to me since his b-day) begging for me to get him out of his bath, so I'd better run.  I hope you all have a very fun and productive weekend and I'll post photos as soon as I can!!
~til next time,

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