Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day at the computer

Hey everyone!  I spent a busy day at the computer today working on a new kit for Memory Mixer.  It is a Halloween one called "Boo To You".  Hopefully they will have it up on the site soon.  Here is a preview for you to get a sneak peek - hehe.

I also had good news today about the punch order for my upcoming flower classes.  After a few bumps in the road - we finally got the account set up and the order placed.  I went and picked up the canvases today and as soon as the punches come in, I'll be making the "offical" sample for the October Mum flower class.  The dates are set for the flower classes.  They are Saturday, October 17th from 10:15 AM to 1:15 PM, and Tuesday evening, October 20th from 6:00 to 9:00 PM.  I will have a price for the class after I have the sample completed.  We will also be offering pre-ordering for the punches in addition to the class fee.  That way you could have your very own punches to use at the class and get to take them home to play with more!  I do want to point out that you don't have to own the punches to take the class.  I will have a set for those who don't own them to use and share for the project, but I think once you see what you can do with them, you'll be wanting your own set for home.  The best news is . .  if you pre-order the punches that we will be using in the class, you will get them for 20% off!!  The discount will only apply to pre-orders, but what a great deal!  I will have more details for you later on these classes, but wanted to go ahead and share what I do know so that you can start getting prepared.  Cherie has an example of the October class in the shop now, but with these new punches, the "official" one will be even prettier!  I will be sure to get a photo for you once I complete it next week.  I can't wait!!!!  These will be a series of classes and each month we'll be making different flowers and leaves, and each month you'll be able to pre-order those punches at the 20% discount.  I just think it's a great way to learn and build your punch stash at the same time so that you can do other projects with the skills you will learn.  About my other classes, I'll be going to the Scrapper's Boutique tomorrow to drop off my Haunted House book sample and to take photos for you of the other class samples.  So be sure to check back to see those.  :)

Other than that, we just watched Dancing with the Stars, and then I watched a few of the new shows after that.  Not sure that any of those will be something I'll be hooked on - but right now I love Dancing with the Stars and Biggest Loser.  I'm also eagerly awaiting the new American Idol season. 

Okies - I'd better go.  I'm trying to do better about getting to bed at a decent hour so I'm not dragging all day every day.  I hope you have a wonderful night and great morning!! 

~til next time,

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