Monday, September 14, 2009

It's STILL raining!!

Happy Monday everyone!!  It's dreary and still raining here!  It has rained non-stop since Friday.  I know we need it, but I'm beginning to wonder if we need to start building an ark - hehe. 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  The rain didn't dampen my fun weekend.  Friday night I got to crop with some of my dear friends at the Take A Break Friday night crop hosted by Joni and Jody.  It's always a good time and I take Kaylee with me to that one.  I have to tell you the funny saga of us getting there.  It was POURING rain and we had no adhesive, so we had to stop at Michaels.  When we got out of the car, the water was over my ankles in the parking lot - and I had worn flip flops - brilliant, huh . . .NOT -rofl !!!   I went running for the door and about 1/2 way there, lost one of my flip flops and had to run back and get it.  Then by the time I got in the store, I was just dripping.  We just stood there on the mat for a bit trying to stop dripping.  It was sooo funny looking back on it - not such much at the time - hehe.  Anyway - then one of the roads to the crop was flooded, but we eventually got there via a back road.  After we dried off, I started working on a project for a class that I'm hoping to do in October.  Kaylee worked on some tags.  Despite everything - it was a fun evening.  Then Saturday, I got to go to my friend, Cindy's house and help her work on a Halloween mini album for her son's class basket to be raffled off.  She was doing such a great job on it and really didn't need any help from me - so I worked on finishing my class project.  We did a bit of shopping too.  Friday night, Pam Frasier told me about a fantastic sander you can get at Home Depot for distressing, so, of course, I had to go get one.  When we went back to Cindy's and told her hubby that we bought scrapbook supplies at Home Depot - he told us that we had just ruined that store for him and now he would have to shop at Lowe's - rofl!!  He cracks me up!

This weekend I also straightened up my work area a little, and since over the past months, several people have asked me to show them my work space, I took some photos for you.  :)  I'm especially happy with the ribbon and button containers.  I love those by Making Memories.  The fact that they are plastic and still look like glass is awesome!!! 
Last, but not least - THE COWBOYS WON!!!  whoo hoo!!  Let's keep it going guys!!
I hope you all have a great start to the new week and . . .
~til next time,

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