Thursday, April 5, 2007

Looking forward to Easter

Today is Kaylee's Spring (Easter) party at school. Kaylee asked me this morning if I was going to come to her party because she HAD to have photos of the party so that I could put them in her scrapbook. It's good to know that she really cares that I do this for her. That made me feel good :)
Tomorrow is my big day - I get INTERNET!!! Yea! I also get to go crop at the Scrapbook Pad. If anyone wants to join us - give them a call and sign up. We'd love to see you there! Also, I will be teaching a really great class called "Nifty Notepads" in mid-April. We'll be making a set of 3 notpads and they're really cute. All you have to do is call and sign up - hint hint - hehe!
I'm getting ready to post a new page onto the Scrap Artist website for their weekly contest - wish me luck. Really it's just fun to have the challenge and feel the sense of accomplishment when it's done - but if I win - that would be really great!
Hopefully next time I post to my blog- it will be using my own internet - until then, happy scrapping!

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Amanda Dykan said...

NOOOOOOOO!!!! (I'm making the Jimmy Nuetron face, can you tell?) You're getting Internet at home! Whatever will we do!!! I guess I'll be living at your house for a while...