Friday, April 13, 2007

Stormy night

Well here in North Texas we had a lot of severe storms tonight. I was at Julie Staley's house in Haslet with Amanda cropping when the winds picked up and then it started hailing. We had about marble sized hail here. However, once I was able to get through to my husband at home in Saginaw, I found out that they had to take shelter because a tornado formed right over where we lived and we had larger than baseball size hail. He's unsure of the damages right now because he's busy calming he kids down and can't go outside, but thankfully everyone is ok and it doesn't appear that we have any leaks and none of the windows were broken. He doesn't think we have any significant damage to the house - hopefully my Jeep isn't crushed.

We have been having a great time cropping since the storms passed. We had some great food and are enjoying our SSweeeet Tea from Chick-fil-a. Tomorrow I am teaching a class at The Scrapbook Pad and then I will be cropping for the rest of the day - YEA! Then on Sunday Robby gets his turn and he will be fishing all day.

I was just introduced to a new digital magazine that I just have to tell you is FABULOUS!! It is "Digital Scrapbooking" by Simple Scrapbooks. You can check out their website at and they have a special to subscribe and tutorials on the website. Just thought you might like to know :)

I hope you enjoy the new photos on the blog - I learned something new - YEA! Not the greatest photos, but I actually got photos onto my blog - I'm so happy.

Well, I'm going to get back to scrapping -


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Amanda Dykan said...

Ohhhhh... what a fun night! But, PALEASE--- take off that picture of that Amanda girl! Man, she needs some make-up on!!!