Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Eventful weekend

Hello again! We had a great Easter and I hope you all did too. The kids got lots of candy, or as Zachary (aka Bubba) calls it "Chockie". He just kept opening one after the other and eating them as if there would be no chockie tomorrow. On Saturday, I decided to go get Kaylee's ears pierced. She had been asking for a couple of months, and we felt she was ready. This way when her birthday came, she would be able to change her earrings out. Amanda went with us and I was so glad she did. We went to Claire's in Ridgemar Mall, and they had two people do it so they could do both ears at once. That would have been great except that they got one ear very crooked, so they had to redo that ear. The Manager re-did it and did a great job. Kaylee was such a tropper and I was so proud of her! She looks so pretty with her new earrings.

All was well until Monday morning. I was dragging as I usually do in the mornings, when all of he sudden I heard a crash and looked over and saw Zachary falling out of the dining room chair under the table. Of course, I was just far enough away to be unable to catch him. He was screaming and I was trying to find the boo boo, when I found the gash in the back of his head. I panicked as any good Mother would do (at least I hope it was normal) and called my husband because I had no idea what hospital to take him to. We went to North Hills Hospital and were treated very well. Two staples and 3 hours later, we were able to come home. The funny side of it was that about 5 minutes after the accident happened, Zachary was trying to go play as if nothing happened - despite the bleeding from the back of his head. Then when we got to the hospital, I think they thought I was the patient because my blood pressure was through the roof and my face was completely flush, I had been crying, and I was shaking. When they realized Zachary was the patient and were looking for him (he was with his Daddy), they saw him playing in the automatic door that comes into the Emergency room. He had just realized that when he moved in front of the door, it would open all by itself and this was most fascinating to him. He was laughing and playing - no worse for the wear - unlike his Mom. Then when Kaylee came home, Robby told her what had happened. (Zachary and I were taking a well needed nap.) Kaylee then came running into my room crying asking if Zachary was ok. I was so proud that I was able to think fast - I responded that Zachary was just jealous of her getting her ears pierced and so he got his head pierced. That made her laugh and calm down - yea Mommy!

Everything has been pretty uneventful since then - thank goodness. We've had enough excitement to last a while:) Today Amanda and Ben have come over and we are playing on our computers while the boys are playing in the backyard (enjoying our new deck and plants) and watching the "Cars" movie. Well - I'm going to work on some new pages.

"Til next time,


Heather said...

Oh such an eventful day! And not a fun event to boot! Glad to hear everything is good now and he's none worse for the wear!

Kids, they're so resiliant. Wouldn't it be nice to be the same way again - if only for a short bit?

Cindy Freeman said...

I like the changes to your blog. Princess Kaylee is beautiful, as usual, and the layout is beautiful too! I really like what you did with Mr. Backwards Hat, that is such a cute picture of him! I'll have to find out what kit you used on that layout. I love the colors. Glad Bubba is OK and can't wait to see Kaylee's fancy new accessories! They grow up way too fast!